Says Clovia Shaw: Me after eating all of New Orleans at @RT_Convention.
Me: Accurate. 

Says Clovia Shaw: Me after eating all of New Orleans at @RT_Convention.

Me: Accurate. 

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That rage-filled moment when someone you’re friends with reblogs something you posted WEEKS ago… because now someone famous blogged it. 


"What’s a good Italian restaurant? Nothing too Italian.”

This is the only instance in which I suggest a tumblr denizen tells people to go to Olive Garden.

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Beauty Weekend

So the only thing that would get me to a mall on a weekend is desperation, and the last vestiges of my moisturizer is desperation. So I went to a “Sephora Inside JC Penney” because it’s close and all I needed was my moisturizer (and some sort of gift for my mother’s birthday) and not anything I really, really need, like my Chanel No. 5 (did you know they don’t carry it at JC Penney locations? I can’t even) or my Kat von D foundation (they also don’t carry, but they do have Urban Decay, so I can excuse them this once.

As I’m checking out, the salesperson tells me she’s putting a sample in my bag, which I think is pretty cool, since they never do that at the stores anymore; only online. 

I get home to find this Crayola-like paint pot filled with I don’t even know what and “Purity Free Cleanser” written on it.

WHAT EVEN IS THIS, SEPHORA? Is this Purity Made Simple? (If so, win.) Is this meth in a paint pot? IS THIS SOMEONE’S SPERM DONATION?

I’ll be hiding under my bed until someone explains this.


A couple of NaNoWriMos ago, I started a book I thought would be young adult sci-fi. I had the opening scene, a few scattered things in the middle, and this idea sparked by a rogue eBay listing.

What that book turned into is THE FOREST’S SON, a new adult folk-mythology romance. 

I know. I don’t know how that happened, either.

Vance is a college student with a really, really odd life, and when he wakes up in the morning with no idea who he is (or where he is), he has a sense that this has all happened before. When his best friend Donovan shows up, he finds out it has happened like this before: a lot.

Why Vance forgets — and what he ends up doing about it — isn’t your typical amnesia story. It involves a little-known Polish myth of forest dwellers, and how Vance may be associated with that world.

A little about the cover: the original photograph is by AMAZING Polish photographer Slevin Aaron, and the cover design is by my dear friend (and amazing author) Eden Barber.

I’m doing something a little different with this book; as it’s told in five parts, it lends itself very well to serialization. As many of you know, I spent a lot of time in fan fiction, and love that sense of tension in waiting for the next part to be released. There will also be a special deal for early downloading, so keep an eye out for the book’s release in May!

Enough rambling, though… here’s the cover of the first piece of THE FOREST’S SON: UNKNOWING.

Object POV?


I am looking for fics written from an inanimate object’s POV. 

Classics in the genre:

Silver Volvo POV from I Wanna Eff You Like a Masochistic Lion by Feisty Y. Beden, Philadelphic, and NelsonsMandela [x] (Twilight)

Fifty Shades from the Tampon’s Perspective (I can’t find this anymore)

Skullduggery [x] and Long Time Coming [x] by Atlin Merrick (Sherlock)

Any fandom. Any object. I’m not shy. 

Here, my love, is the tampon’s POV: 50 Shades of Absorbency





accidentally opening a program that takes a long time to open so you have to wait twenty seconds to close it



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